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“Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman- Not the attitude of the prospect.”

 – W. Clement Stone

As compared to any other profession, Salespersons are met with utmost negativity. For every deal signed, there is an unaccounted history of countless unanswered calls, ignored emails, criticism and abhorrent demands that are required to be met at that same instant. It is a difficult journey that power troughs a path dotted with rejections to a YES. Our team is passionate about what they do. They understand what it takes to succeed and drive on the path of difficulty with utmost positivity. They lean in, speak their minds out & play an active role in the working of the organization.

Abu Saud.jpg

Mr. Khamees Khamsan Al-Enzi

Mr. Khamees is a visionary. He doesn’t beat his head around aiming at the short term goals, rather focuses on the bigger picture. His experience and knowledge push us to work on a more intellectual level. His rational approach drives the organization to do what is needed. His vision is to grow as the economy progresses, for as long as possible. He believes in moving forward with time and strategically positioning the organization in such a way, that is profitable in the future.

Sudhir Bhasin 2.jpg

Mr. Sudhir Bhasin

Mr. Sudhir Bhasin is the heart of the company. With over three decades of experience in Sales & Marketing, He has given his blood, sweat, and soul into developing this organization from scratch. He is the mind behind our constant progress. From development, planning & execution of the marketing strategies and operations, he has left no stone unturned to prove his ability time and again, to align the vision and goals with the revenues and profits.

Meenu Bhasin.jpg

Mrs. Meenu Bhasin

Mrs. Meenu Bhasin is a General Management professional. With an experience of over two decades in strategic planning, improving operational efficiency and team building, she quickly understands complex concepts and scenarios, turning them into ideas with logical strategies. Her knowledge and the eye to see things from a different perspective helps increase productivity. She is the mind behind bringing the organization from the old-fashioned work ethics to the 21st Century Digital Age.

Sanjeev Bhasin.jpg

Mr. Sanjeev Bhasin

Mr. Sanjeev Bhasin has an insight & understanding of the industry trends & customer needs. He pre-evaluates strategies to ensure their efficiency & make the desired changes. He has played a significant role in increasing the sales revenue of the organization. His delirious attitude has worked in his favor, turning rejections into acceptance in the most difficult scenarios.

M Basheer.jpg

Mr. Mohideen A. Basheer

Mr. Mohideen Basheer has a keen eye to identify arising business opportunities & build long term relationships with prospective clients. He plays a pivotal role in evaluating the current performance of the business & is constantly finding ways to help reach the organization’s full potential.

Haneef Shaik.jpg

Mr. Haneef Shaik

Mr. Haneef Shaik is efficient in conducting analysis & research on customer insights & sales forecasts. He assists with product development & launches. He is responsible for developing brand strategy, setting style guides, brand guidelines & value proposition for immediate results, as well as long term goals.

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